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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

French people don't use toilet paper?

French people do use toilet paper, and you can buy it like everywhere else in the world: in the supermarket.

Whilst i was in wigan on training at the end of february, one of the guys on training too was chatting with me about packing. I was struggling with the packing situation, having real issues trying to get my suitcase weight down from 35kg.. the weight limit was 20kg so i was pretty screwed. He popped it into conversation asking me how much toilet roll i was gonna take with me for the season. I was like whaaaaaaat?! And he told me that french people don't use loo roll and the conversation continued and it was revealed that french people drip dry. I was quite confused to say the least because when i went to disneyland paris there was definitely toilet roll, but apparently thats different because its disney.

When i got back to somerset from wigan on the friday, i had saturday and sunday to finish packing before my flight on the monday, so i tesco'd it and got a family pack of toilet roll. I stole a few from the mother's bathroom as well! Whoops. I asked my mum to help me pack, because mums can always pack better, its not fair that! Im sure they have mum training or something. How they can pack your school holiday suitcase so very well and then trying to repack it to come back home is impossible. Cheers mum though, real kind! I told her anyways, i wouldnt have enough room for the loo rolls, i was just taking far too much clothes. I told her about what the fella at wigan had told me, and it turns out, it were a joke.

Ho hum.

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