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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Why is it called the EURO tunnel if it isn't a EURO?!

The Euro tunnel is called the Euro tunnel because it only costs a Euro!

So it turns out, it costs more than a Euro to get on the Euro tunnel. In fact, when I just quadruple checked, its even more than 100 Euros! Whoever thought of that name needs a career change. So I asked Google for some advice. WHY is it called the Euro tunnel? Google gave me the unacceptable answer that it is because it links two EURO countries together. The road linking France and Spain isn't called the Euro Road is it? The boat from Dover to Calais isn't the Euro Ferry so WHY?! 
False advertisement!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Transplants can change your personality, right?

Transplants can change your personality, right?

The logic is all there, I know. If you are receiving a kidney from a comedian, surely you'll wake up after the operation and be more funnier, even if its just a little bit. If you end up with a criminal's kidney, perhaps you'll want to steal things and kick people. I'm sure I once heard a story that someone had a new kidney or liver or something and before they had it they didn't like marmite and afterwards they did! It's impossible to do that, because you either love marmite or hate marmite, so that pretty much proves my point right there. 

P.S. I hate marmite and no transplant of any kind will change that. 

On another note though, even with the risk of developing a taste for marmite, I am still on the organ donor register, so sign up.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Ice tea is made from tea!!!

Ice tea is made from tea!

I'm not even joking. Honestly! IT TASTES LIKE PEACHES!!! How?!

It was proven to me on the back of an ice tea bottle so its not a lie. I'm as shocked as you all are, honestly. Jesus H.

Dynamo just went down in my books. He did a trick with ice tea and seperated a glass of ice tea into ice cubes, water and a tea bag, but I thought that was the trick! The trick was that he got a tea bag out of ice tea. I thought he was being funny. But no. He was serious.


There is indeed tea in ice tea.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

You can get syphilis from stroking a cat?

You can't get syphilis from stroking a cat!

So there I was, minding my own business, chopping hotdogs to put in the pasta for the team with Faye and all of a sudden I DROP A PEICE OF HOTDOG. And our adopted team pet Smango comes leaping up and eats the wee bit of fallen hotdog. Well he doesnt leap, hes a cat. He just walks with haste. Like a cats power walk or something. So there is he, our little ginger Smango (I named him that) eating this peice of hotdog. I give him a pat on the back and a little scratch behind the ears and on he goes. Back on the sofa to sit with Iris.


I called him Smango. At first I called him Mango. Then I noticed the letter S was written with a marker pen or something on the inside of his ear. His name must begin with an S I thought. So he shall be called Smango! It has a nice ring to it, I like it. I tell the team why he's called Smango.




Steph tells us he's got an S in his ear because hes got syphilis. O___O

Can you catch syphilis from stroking the cat? Yep you can says Steph. Me and Iris are panicking, I'm silently picking songs for my funeral for after I get this deadly syphilis and deciding which sister is going to get my new dungarees. And then its all a lie and she was joking.


PHEW. Game over. Not that syphilis is a game either.

Monday, 10 September 2012

The more teeth you have the smarter you are?

There is no link between the amount of teeth you have and your smartness


I know. Devastating news, because I've got 2 currently growing. It makes sense though. Babies have no teeth because babies don't know anything. Apparently as well your first few years you learn the most, and thats when you get tons of teeth! And then once you've got them all its like a whole new level of smartness. ADULT TEETH, bigger knowledge. Level up.


Then theres the wisdom teeth. Why call them wisdom teeth if they have nothing to do with wisdom? I've got 2 wisdom teeth growing at the moment and I was just so excited. Dreams ruined.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

German shepherds are not German?

German shepherds can understand English as well!

It doesnt matter that German shepherds are called german shepherds. They arent actually german, it depends where they are born or what language there dog parents teach them. Really we should rethink the idea and english speaking german shepherds should be English shepherds. Not that dogs can speak english, but they can understand english.

Like if you said "sit" to a german shepherd who is from england it will sit, and if you said "sitzen" to an english speaking german shepherd it probably wont understand you. It might though, because the two words probably sound quite similar. Thats all.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Oxygen cylindars are filled the same way as balloons are?

Oxygen tanks are not filled up by people blowing into them, like balloons.

I went scuba diving the other day, at the bottom of a swimming pool at La Sirene, was proper epic, loved it! When underwater you have this big tank of air on your back and you breathe through a mouth peice thing. As well as my scuba diving experience, I've had oxygen in hospital before, but I never really thought about how they get that air in the container. I just assumed it was blown in, like air donation pretty much. Give blood and save a life, give air and save another one.

But it turns out, nobody blows into them. I can't actually renember how the air gets in them, but its through nobody's mouth. I think a machine does it, a really loud machine. But I'm not sure really.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fire blankets are to keep you warm in a fire?

Fire blankets are not to keep you warm in a fire..

I didn't even mean to say this, it was just one of those times where I just am misunderstanding my own brain. It happens all the time.. I thought fire blankets were to wrap around you when there is a fire, but to keep you warm, but not too warm like fire warm.. But I couldn't explain it properly and the only thing that came out of my mouth was "they are to keep you warm in a fire". Facepalm.

But it is true though that if you wrap in a fire blanket and there is a fire you can run through the fire and not get burnt. I tried to youtube it to see if anyone had tried it out for laughs, but nobody had. That was not a hint for anyone to try it though, totally dangerous. The picture on the fire blanket that I can see from this seat though is a picture of a blanket on top of a oven fire, so just do that. Put the blanket on the fire, not on yourself. Got it.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Kidney beans are made out of kidneys?

Kidney beans are not made from kidneys, human or animal.

To start with I just need to say that I keep accidentally typing kindle instead of kidney, so if I write kindle bean, I actually mean kidney bean. Before I knew anything about kidneys, a few years ago, I was under the impression that kidney beans were made from tiny tiny bits of kidney from a human. I was totally confused. I wondered why on earth would people still eat kidneys when there are actual humans who are on the list waiting for a kidney. Why would we eat them when people need them to live? Selfish people I say!

And anyway, how disgusting would that be! To eat a real kidney in a meal. Absolutely revolting. I think the same of liver, and yes I know now that its from an animal and not a human, but still so gross!! Yuk! But now I know, they are called kindey beans because they are SHAPED like kidneys! lol?


P.S. Whilst we're on this topic. Join the Organ Donor Register to help other people who need organs. You could save a life, I'm not kidding. 

You see upside down?

Everyones vision is upside down!

First of all, just to clear things up, when I mean everyone I don't mean me. I definitely see the right way round. According to my good friend Kimi when you look at something you actually see it upside down, and then something about your brain switches it or something and you just look at it the right way even though you can see it upside down. I don't understand, not at all, but I know for sure I don't see upside down. Kimi does though.

So for example, I look at this stick man: Now for me, I see him with his head at the top, but for Kimi, she sees him with his head where his legs are!! Its just crazy.

Ive heard also from an anonymous (thank you spellchecker) that she is actually correct in the way she sees. ?! Hm.